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PERSONAL TRAINING:  What's included?

Six weeks bundles in person or online    
  •  One hour session(s) per week, once or twice a week as required.
  • Varied in content and designed to help you work towards your own personal goals.
  • Personalised Program design with Youtube links to workouts to follow along at home.
  • Building Functional strength using various techniques and equipment, including body weight free weights, Kettle Bells and Elastics.  
  • Clear feel good coaching technique with emphasis always on good form as a priority.
  • Food habit tracking and analysis and check-ins every 2-3 weeks are integrated into each Program to keep the accountability and progress going.
  • Ongoing nutritional guidance and lifestyle hacks and ideas always in discussion.
  • Real determination and focus, combined with a friendly, fun, team based approach!  
  • A six week personal training and results package for £330 including 6 x 1 hr individual one to one  either FACE to FACE OR ONLINE.
  • A six week personal training and results package plus for £660 would include 12 x 1 hr sessions.
  • Listening to you is the first important step, as finding out about your current fitness, and understanding your context, as well as your activity preferences will be key to the design of any successful programme. 
  • Effective and fun Personal Training Programmes, where the approach is always friendly and supportive, uplifting and good for your confidence as well as your health and Fitness. 
  • Meeting you where you are most comfortable, whether it is in your own home, virtually.. or outdoors.
  • Appropriate levels of challenge, never pushing you too hard, but knowing when to up the ante, and when to ease off, particularly where health challenges or recovery is relevant.
  • Designing the best goals for you is critical, as this is a great way to further supercharge motivation.
  • Taking other lifestyle factors such as sleep, stress and nutrition into account, and tracking your progress throughout, in response to individual requirements.
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