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 Prioritise Yourself
Premium Online Personal Training 

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Kate Brooks - Qualified Personal Trainer & Nutritional Advisor.
NRPT registered (National register of Personal Trainers;

Prioritising your fitness and wellbeing

If you lead a busy life you may find it hard to prioritise looking after yourself.   Wellness Inspired was created to ensure that you can improve your health and fitness without compromising on your other commitments.  

Let us help you...

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What we do?

At Wellness Inspired we have been working with Clients; both 1:1 and small-groups, since 2017. 

Online training is now the premium standard; available wherever life takes you, providing consistency, advice on-demand and reducing the challenge of finding time for your fitness. 

Our programmes are designed to offer effective and enjoyable workouts that are tailored exactly to your needs: whatever your start point or ambitions.  

Instruction and advice is provided by high-EQ, knowledgable, friendly and efficient trainers.  We use cutting-edge technology to optimise your experience, including 4K (UHD) video via our Apple Studio.  Beyond your booked sessions we encourage clients to benefit from harnessing the rich data captured by the Apple watch, in order to optimally personalise feedback, encouragement and planning for progress. 

Click here to book a COMPLIMENTARY try out session.   


Why choose Wellness Inspired?  


  • The gift of time: The convenience of accessing premium training in your chosen space.

  • Quality: Technology and feedback that matches your expectations for in-person interactions.

  • Fulfilment: Each session is designed to be as enjoyable as it is effective. 

  • Personal: Genuine human engagement at every workout.

  • Transformative: Your objectives and current status always central to your experience.

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