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 Prioritise Yourself
with online
Personal Training 

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Kate Brooks - Qualified Personal Trainer & Nutritional Advisor.
NRPT registered (National register of Personal Trainers;

Prioritising your Fitness and Wellbeing

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Workout from home, or wherever you are, to progress your fitness, improve your energy levels and protect your health and wellbeing for both the present and future.

Discover what you would benefit most from focusing on most, in a no pressure,
one to one 30 minute fitness review.  Book in at a time that suits you. 


Being excited about discovering your Fitness is key

At Wellness Inspired we have been working with Clients;
both 1:1 and small-groups, since 2017. 

Online training is available wherever you are, and makes the challenge of fitting in fitness more manageable.

Our programmes are designed to offer effective and enjoyable workouts that are tailored to help you get the results you need: whatever your start point or ambitions.  

Instruction and advice is provided by our experienced and skilled Personal trainer, Kate Brooks.  Using cutting-edge technology to optimise your experience, including 4K (UHD) video via our Apple Studio. 

Beyond your booked sessions we encourage clients to wear and share
(if they'd like to), in order to optimally personalise feedback, encouragement and planning for progress.  The information from a wearable ( Apple watch is the recommended choice), enhances safety enormously, and provides information that significantly focuses planning, and and facilitates progress.

     Wellbeing & fitness review - Apply today & book a time that suits you.


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What is it that gets results, and that feeling of satisfaction?

Time saving:  The convenience of accessing premium training in your chosen space, no travel time, flexible weekly booking system and prompt response times to queries, whether they are administrative or more specific and technical.

Quality:   In-person interactions that build a relationship based on understanding and team effort.  Every workout is designed to enable your progress as part of a periodised program which applies proven principles based on up to date knowledge of sports and fitness in relation to your unique requirements.  

Fulfilment:  Each session is designed to be enjoyable, and we believe, this is only the case where there is a suitable level of challenge.  Whether a workout is easy or hard, is an oversimplification. The scope of challenge is variable from aerobic and strength based to flexibility and co-ordination dependant on  individuals needs and goals.

Personal:   Alongside planning and delivery being  designed to meet your individual needs,  connection is also a core value and ingredient.  There is genuine human engagement at every workout and it is considered essential that we have the trust and engagement of our clients to ensure their needs and goals are not only met, but exceeded. This emphasis on genuine connection is the personal aspect of Personal Training that might not always be so easily achieved accept by attention to detail and suitable levels of empathy balanced by encouragement, not replicable by one size fits all models or short cuts. 

Transformative: Yes you can transform and circumnavigate away from the negative towards the positive, replace the struggle with a small success and build on that towards your ultimate goal.  Wherever you are currently in the context of your fitness and wellbeing,  don't be tempted to imagine that change is illusive.  It is more likely the pathway to progress is just harder to spot than you might like.  

This picture shows me, taking some time to recover on holiday this summer doing a bit of yoga, one of my favourite ways to relaxAn important part of effective training is the recovery as well as the work and whilst we do account for this in programming it is up to you to chose how to accomplish this goal, whilst suitable strategies will be shared in sessions, the main focus for training is aerobic, strength, conditioning and flexility in relation to recovery.

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