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+44 07815 502202.

Local to Windsor, UK.

Personal Training

Kate Brooks - Qualified Personal Trainer,
NRPT registered. ( National register of Personal Trainers, )

Getting Fit and looking after our health and wellbeing is something we all know about, and yet there are always new obstacles. Life changes, and in short so often, we work too hard and we exercise too little.  How to re-engage, or re-prioritise health and Fitness, is not easy.


At Wellness Inspired, we believe there is always a way! 

  • Looking for ways to achieve a better balance in your life and fit in more Fitness?

  • Not sure where to start from or re-engage?

  • Struggling to prioritise your well-being in the face of multiple priorities?

  • Not keen on indoor Gyms?

  • Feel an increasing desire for change in your life?

Personal training with Kate allows a smooth, transition towards improved health and wellbeing.  

It can be done, you can make positive change happen, and find yourself enjoying  Fitness in the process!   


To read about what my Clients past and present think, click to view:

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Studio photographs taken by Dan Barker,
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