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     Personalised, Group training 

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To work out online, all you need is  a room with a screen, and an internet connection suitable for Zooming or live-streaming from.  Your trainer is guiding the session in real time, and having pre-assessed every participant gives suitable cues, encouragement and correction where necessary.

This is a fun, affordable, way to build a team ethos and healthier workforce at the same time, providing a solution to the reason for many of us not getting our exercise regularly.


So, Why is it so many of us give up Fitness?

I suspect you will already know the answer is time. However the truth is always more naunced and of course personal context, priorities and economics all play a role.  Understanding of this issue is perhaps better amongst younger people, but still the pressures to balance work, relationships, family, etc... remain;  and this is a real source of unnecessary additional stress for many people.

A quick dive into the national picture: Government data in the United Kingdom shows that as we get older we are less likely to keep fit, that men are slightly more likely to say they play Sport or regularly keep Fit than women. 
In fact the average engagement for men is  slightly higher for men than for women, and this equates to 1 in 3 (34% of men) and ( 1 in 2) 42% of women not getting enough exercise for health. 

The implications for the health of the workforce are really huge and especially in the case of women.  The compounding effect on health risks is huge, and for women the added risk of Peri-menopause to Menopause related symptoms is real, but also totally manageable through the right support, where Fitness and wellbeing are massively helpful in managing symptoms. 

Please see references at the bottom of this page for more information on this important topic of women and the Menopause, and also the government health policy outlines and references.


Imagine .. that this could be a reality

There was more time?  The convenience of accessing premium training in your workplace means less travel time to go to another venue or for individuals to travel.

Each session was both a Personal & Team Development journey 
Technology and feedback, that really matches your expectations as being comparable and as good as in-person interactions.

The mid afternoon energy slump, became history?  Never too exhausting but pitched at the right level for each individual within the group to uplift and energise and best of all, feed an enthusiasm for building a Fitness habit.

Team spirit and engagement were improved?  By demonstrating how as an employer you are understanding and supportive!  Building loyalty and resilience.

Obstacles could be overcome?  In time these benefits helped to build an 'anything is possible' mentality,  through improvements to the feeling part of something and being alongside colleagues and building a team ethic.  Improved physical Fitness also increases mental resilience, confidence and can contribute to overwhelmingly happier teams. 

References and links

The British Menopause society,

Women and the Menopause: 'Menopausing' & roadmap to your second spring' by Davina McCall & Dr Naomi Potter, 2022


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